Tuesday, 25 May 2010

La La Land Photoshoot


On location in lAlAlAND

Imagine: where you're taken when viewing the best ballet/ washed up on a beach/ waltzing through a forest/ glitter in your hair/ rococo royalty/ the energy of dance - the transcendental states evoked by all - escaping to another place: La La Land

Model: Briony Jones

Photographers: SLC & Liam Peacock

Part 1: in the studio...

jeans models own

L: Marlene Birger necklace; jeans models own.

R: Leggings model's own

Models: Bryony Jones & Isabella Gallagher http://bryonyjonesart.blogspot.com/ http://isabellagallagher.blogspot.com/2009/12/fashion-workshop-251109-091209.html
Studio Photographer: http://liampeacock.blogspot.com/2009/12/i-wish-i-was-gerhard-richter.html
Illustrations & Digital Artwork: SLC
Fashion & Jewellery SLC unless otherwise noted

News! Swan drape top & shell drape top

Saturday 29th May:

The pattern has now been developed to work with the new shape found below. An additional arm hole has been added, the neckline has been recreated and softened [from its earlier position as armhole] and the length added to.

Saturday 29th:
Set up for Mistley Quay Workshop exhibition at Cooper's Gallery:
http://www.mistleyquaycafe.co.uk/ located in Mistely along the Stour River, this is a beautiful setting and where the swans were drawn from life. The gallery is located within Mistley Quay Workshops where you'll find a variety of artists as well as great little cafe to grab a drink:


Also available at:

Tuesday 25th May 2010:
drape top worn in a new way

fashion designs:

Tuesday, 11 May 2010



Slackspaces' Art at the Heartbeat trail around shops in Colchester town centre is now on! INFRA-3 was submitted and chosen and can now be seen on East Hill at Grey Friars books.

LaLaLand Illustration [2] & [3]

Changing Interiors:

Tuesday 18th May:
Illustration [3]:

2metres wide x 1 metre tall

Monday 10th May:
Illustration [2]

2 metres wide x 1 metre tall

LaLaLand [1] Illustration Completion:

2metres wide x 1 metre tall