A list of things I like by fellow artists:

  • SLC working with: Lou Lou Bontemp, Soho London:

Images Aveda

 Images Mika
  • LaliLouche's Sequined Catriona Knicker w/ Suspenders! Fabulous:
  • Link to Etsy Shop
    Images LiLiLouche
  • Emma Harding's 'Haybox' Charity Shop Orphans and Objects

Emma will be at The Palace Art Fair on  Friday 8 / Saturday 9 / Sunday 10 at Fulham Palace, Bishop's Avenue, London. Palace Art Fair website for further information, maps etc AND the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park. Her work will be represented by Liberty Gallery and the show is on between 21st - 24th October.

Images Emma Harding
  • SnowberryLime Handspun Yarns

...make the most beautiful knitted items...
Images Snowberry Lime

  • Nyika's amazing eco lingerie:

Images Nyika
  • Volume Magazine's Fashion Special:
Images Volume Mag
  • Bryony Jones' Textile & Fashion design:
Images Briony Jones
  • Steven Harkin Bags @ Quake Falkestone - met @ Sunday Up Market, lovely stall with great variety of UK made bags:

Images Quake Folkestone

  • Triangle Lady's New Pattern Designs:
  • Luva Huva's new video, sweet lingerie:

•Glitter & high class in Hayley Lock's satirical artistic story including Madame Coopers Trooper
  • Ethnie's Illustrations:
  • SIMON WILD and team for NIKE
  • AMY GOODING on recent volcanic events

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